Money and debt

Anyone can be affected by financial problems at some point in their lives.  If you are worried about your financial situation, we can help.  

  • We have expertise in money advice. 

  • We can advise you on a wide range of options and solutions when you are in debt. This can range from negotiation with creditors to bankruptcy. We also give budgeting advice and can help you to maximise your income.

  • We have Debt Relief Order Intermediaries at the Centre and our caseworkers are accredited with the Institute of Money Advice and hold the Certificate in Money Advice Practice.

  • Please bring all relevant documents to your appointment including proof of income (e.g. pay slip, bank statement or benefit award letters) and letters from creditors or enforcement agents.

  • We only advise on personal debt; we do not advise on business debts.

People given budgeting advice in 2022/23
Debt written off in 2022/23
People helped to obtain Debt Relief Orders in 2022/23