• In emergency situations, we can support you by making an application to a charity for basic essentials.

  • We can give money and power advice to increase your income and/or reduce your outgoings if you are struggling to pay for fuel bills.  We may be able to help you top up your gas and electric key and card in an emergency

  • We can give general advice on employment, family and consumer issues.  If you need in depth advice in these areas, we will need to refer you to a specialist.

  • Our digital support appointments can help with things like setting up email accounts, making online benefit claims, understanding social media, or understanding your smartphone or computer

  • We have a wide range of information in our reception including leaflets and forms that you can take away.

  • Our receptionist has a wealth of knowledge about other local organisations who may be able to help you, if it is not an area we cover. 


Charity grants, emergency funds and other financial gains achieved for people in 2020/21